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dr 2428

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DR 2428 (05/21/15). COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. Division Of Motor Vehicles. Registration Section www.revenue.state.co.us. CFRP NUMBER...
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Street Down Yonder his ninth makes this eight and that mylanta color thats more of a seafoam colored places 2001 eighth Street here in Greeley this is actually set up as a duplex you can see the second front door there this would be the main entrance as far as the color goes might make a little more sense when you see the bathtub and sink I think someone just said you know what honey I think Id like the outside of our house to match our sink I think thatd be cool so you got here big big cavernous wide-open living room which strikes me as lacking some sort of supporting wall I dont want to spend any more time in here than in two totally dated kitchen but I kind of like its not without charm heres the seafoam as you can see here its pretty close maybe this is a little greener than the outside of the house the outside is more of a turquoise and the carpet is just absolutely nasty in here its doesnt really stink Id say its kind of funny that they actually tried to clean it you can see the marks from the carpet cleaner heres the master yeah I mean Im gonna go home and I mean I really like these shoes its too bad that I had to wear them in here today its now you to go throw moy so thats the main level Im gonna point out this 60000 the place next door I thought perhaps my buddy done owned that one I dont think he does because that one is pretty fancy but thats a obviously a multi-unit over there you can see the two entrances but that one is really really nice theyve spiffed that one up so heres the lower unit before you go crazy thinking about the investment possibilities here I will let you know that there are only its on set up as a you know as a single looong single family theres only one furnace theres only one meter Yetta Yetta Yetta not like we havent seen this before now I havent seen this dawning on this one or checked it out or anything like that is the first time Ive even looked at this place we even considered it anything about it missing a sink here in the bathroom kind of a weird funky layout this would be the I dont know one of the bedrooms thats the utility closet there and a hot water heater and furnace and then heres the other bedroom but the one cool thing about it is it does have this back door now the only note that they have from hood says the subject garage does not meet setback requirements on west lot line so here yeah looks okay right thats the east side so the west side things people do straight to the property life oh pretty darn close anyway I mean it just goes all the way there so this garage is huge I mean massive its probably I mean I would say it says thats footprint as easily as big as the house which is a thousand ten square feet I mean I thats thats easily a thousand square feet in there not much in there roof looks looks to be leaking in one spot Im not going to open it was kind of a pain though if its a knock it open again there are pictures I took theres a theres a bench and theres also a bit of a you know I always...